Your brand is what others feel about you. Great brands have a clear vision, mission and values and positively reinforce these in our day-to-day experiences of that brand. 

Customers and staff know and love what great brands stand for and happily recommend them to others. 

Fancy a bit of that level of customer engagement? Whether a new brand or a rebrand, we first gain insight into what truly drives your business and then build your brand around this truth. This makes all your marketing communications simpler and more effective. Knowing this ‘truth’ will help build a brand that plays a valuable role in your success – whether online or face-to-face – from business development, recruitment and pricing to distribution and promotion strategies.



When art and science get together the results can have a profound effect on reinforcing brand values, communicating a message, challenging perceptions, changing minds or altering behaviours.

Great graphic design is a powerful tool in helping position your business and gets your point across clearly and effectively to multiple stakeholders. Our design studio has vast experience in creating and developing credible marketing communications collateral, adding value for clients in industries as diverse as health, law, brewing, retail, manufacturing, IT, public sector, accounting, fostering & adoption, packaging, optometry, motoring, food and education. 

Test us in yours.


Starting from scratch, rebranding or refreshing an existing brand is a head v heart challenge that you need to get right first time.

We dig deep into the past (if there is one) and gaze far into the future to ensure your logo (as the face of your brand) is relevant, clear and easy to recognise and recall, represents your brand values and prompts the right emotional reaction from your customers.

We then test it for effectiveness across multimedia, its scalability and its uniqueness in your marketplace. 

Your logo is an emblem of all you stand for – so it’s worth getting right.


Your brand is all that is communicated visually and otherwise to portray the personality of your organisation. You may need to strengthen your brand as a result of changes to your business, products or customers.

Our brand workshops are designed to create a consensus amongst all parties responsible for delivering your brand message. We help to define your core values and strengths and use your combined knowledge, experience and creativity to generate new marketing/communication ideas that can be carried forward into all your marketing and communication material. 


A set of rules determining everything from the logo to the design of uniforms, your branding guidelines give consistency, clear messages, help build and maintain relationships, trust and value.

Your marketing becomes more effective, especially across multi media platforms, and delivers greater value for money. They are not a constraint and can facilitate extending into new opportunities, making it easy to use the existing guidelines to branch out into new sectors. 

We can develop brand guidelines that can protect and grow your brand assets.


Hampered by fixed budgets and worried about design project overrun? Our fixed monthly fee service gives you unlimited access to our studio for any design and artwork project. We carry out a joint audit of work over a fixed period and then one purchase order covers a wide range of design work undertaken by our studio. It eliminates the hassle of raising change purchase orders if unplanned amends come in from colleagues or third parties or if projects change.

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