IGRAC (International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre) facilitates and promotes international sharing of information and knowledge required for sustainable groundwater resources development and management worldwide. IGRAC provides an independent content and process support, focusing particularly on transboundary aquifer assessment and groundwater monitoring.

Proportion won this contract by tendering through an EU portal in 2015 and IGRAC has remained a client since then with various iterations and enhanced development of the existing site, including mapping and multi-languages. Our work has also extended to support UNESCO – a partner of IGRAC.

All of the project management was completed via video conferencing and electronic transfer of materials.

“PML has a team of very talented web developers and it really was a pleasure to go through the development process for IGRAC’s new website together. Unlike some other companies I have worked with in the past, PML has a lot of experience working with Drupal and that was really helpful during this process.

“They knew exactly which functionalities, applications and solutions were out there, so for every issue that I raised they were able to provide several options and for each, the pros and cons. This made my role as commissioner very easy. Apart from their technical expertise, all PML staff members I have worked with also have the same mentality of getting things done. Even after 7 years I am still amazed by how quickly PML implement new requests for changes. I picked PML out of 36 tender proposals and I am still very happy with this decision.”